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Apply for a Re-Entry permit in Thailand

Apply for a Re-Entry permit in Thailand

The re-entry permit in Thailand is necessary to apply for if you already have a long term visa for Thailand and you intend to cross the border to other neighbor countries. This document is required for your return in the country and it prevents your long stay visa from becoming invalid when you are back again in Thailand.

Our specialists in company formation in Thailand can provide all necessary details for the obtaining of a re-entry permit in this country. 

Basic information about the re-entry permit in Thailand

There are two versions of re-entry permits in Thailand.  For 1000 baht, the single entry permit allows a person to travel once outside of Thailand and return. The multi entry permit can be obtained for 3800 baht and allows you indefinitely many travels across borders.

The application for a re-entry permit can be addressed by foreigners to the Thai immigration office. The documents that you need to provide are your passport, a passport photograph and the application form for the re-entry permit which is called a TM8 form. It is advisable to apply for the re-entry permit with some time in advance before a planned departure so that you can have it ready in case of an emergency 

Our specialists in company registration in Thailand are ready to assist you with more details concerning the conditions for the issuance of a re-entry permit in Thailand.

More aspects concerning the obtaining of a re-entry permit in Thailand

In order to obtain a re-entry permit in Thailand you can apply in person or, if your time is not allowing you to go through the application process you can as well rely on a Thai immigration agent. The re-entry permit can be issued the same day with the application. It can be delivered by courier or if you want you can pick it up by yourself. 

If you already have a multiple entry non-immigrant visa then you don’t need to apply for a re-entry permit in Thailand in order to maintain your long term visa in this country. This rule is not valid for those foreigners who have a retirement visa in Thailand

Please feel free to contact our consultants in company formation in Thailand, who can analyze your visa situation in this country and help you to apply for a re-entry permit in this country.