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Change the Registered Office of Your Thai Company

Change the Registered Office of Your Thai Company

When company owners choose to change the registered office of the Thai company, an important distinction is made between changes that take place in the same province compared to those changes that involve moving the company to a different province in the country. Some business owners may even choose the new office location based on this consideration, as the move can be faster when remaining within the same province. The country is divided into 76 provinces, with two special administrative areas out of which one is the Bangkok region.

Making changes to a Thai company once it is registered can be time-consuming for some business owners. This is why our team of agents who specialize in company formation in Thailand can assist entrepreneurs who need to make these changes.

How can the address be changed in Thailand?

The advantages of moving the registered office in the same province are the following:

  1. A fast process: changing the registered office to another location in the same province is a fast process.
  2. A less costly process: likewise, because the steps are reduced, the process will also imply fewer costs for the company owners.
  3. Notification: the change of address is to be notified to the Department of Business Development.
  4. License change: some of the changes that are mandatory include modifying the address that appears on the license. 

The process of relocating the registered office to another province will imply:

  1. Shareholder approval: this change needs to be transmitted to the shareholders in a meeting.
  2. A notification: this is one that is to be advertised in a newspaper or another media channel.
  3. A lengthier process: compared to the other situation, moving to a different province will last approximately three weeks.
  4. More documents: the documentation will include more documents, especially those referring to the public announcement for the relocation.

When changing the registered office to another address, it is recommended to reserve approximately one month for the entire process. This is also recommended in case this change takes place for a branch in Thailand.

There are a number of other changes that can be brought to an existing company in Thailand and, depending on the company’s profile and activities, investors may need to follow through with these changes. When this becomes a necessity, entrepreneurs can reach out to our Thailand company formation specialists

Our team of experts also includes accountants in Thailand who are able to answer your questions concerning the mandatory tax and reporting requirements according to the new business form. Adjusting the bookkeeping and filing calendar according to the new entity type is an important step and those who switch from a sole trader to an LLC will require the assistance of an accountant. 

What are the documents needed for registered office change in Thailand?

When changing the registered office address, company owners will need to submit the following documentation:

  • Copies of the director’s identity cards. 
  • Passport copies for foreign partners.
  • Copies of the original VAT certificate for the company.
  • Copies of the original tax ID for the company and other company documents.

As far as the building in which the relocation will take place, the company owners will need to provide copies of the letter of consent for moving the company (from the building owner), proof that the company owns the building, when applicable, photographs of the building/premises and copies of the map showing the location of the new building. 

It is important to note that the change of address needs to take place once it is confirmed by the Revenue Department. The Department of Business Development and the Social Fund need to be duly informed of the change of address. Once the process is complete, the new address will be included on the work permits for the employees in Thailand and on any permits and licenses where the old registered office location was mentioned. Lastly, the bank where the legal entity has its corporate bank account will need to be informed of the address changes.

Investors should use this information as a simple guideline on the procedure while keeping in mind that the process can differ according to the province in which the change is made. Likewise, special considerations should be taken in case of companies that operate based on special permits and licenses as well as companies that are partly owned by foreign and national shareholders. 

The registered address of a company is the address used for official communications, as well as that included in the invoices and in any materials that have to do with the company, such as the website and marketing materials. A company address change in Thailand can be useful for the business for a number of reasons, most of which will generally have to do with relocating to a new region where the business opportunities are more promising. 

Company owners who need specialized aid for changing the registered office, as well as for handling other changes, can contact our team of Thai company formation agents.