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Company Registration Services in Chiang Mai

Company Registration Services in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the most important city in northern Thailand and the capital of the province with the same name. The rich culture, the great transportation and the numerous investment opportunities encountered here attract foreign businessmen to open companies in Chiang Mai and to perform different activities. Our experts in company registration in Thailand can provide you with information and assistance if you want to open a company in Chiang Mai.

Essential details to register a company in Chiang Mai

Foreign and local businessmen choose to open companies in the city of Chiang Mai because of the proper business environment, the available workforce, and the attractive market. The company registration in Thailand is quite simple, so it is in Chiang Mai, where particular stages and documents need to be prepared in order to start the business, such as:

•    reserve a name for your business, according to the rules and regulations of the Business Development Office in Thailand;
•    fill in the Memorandum of Association by adding the name of the company, the objectives, the capital, the location and the shareholders involved;
•    schedule the statutory meeting and appoint the executives and a number of shares;
•    Register the company for VAT with the Trade Register in Chiang Mai.

Starting with the date of the statutory meeting, the executives will need to open the company in Chiang Mai in three months, considering all the aspects related to the name and license number. In order to ease the process of registering a company Chiang Mai, you should solicit help and guidance from our Thai company formation agents, who can also suggest you hire a lawyer, in order to avoid any legal problems that might appear.

Business ideas in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a well-developed city, with many business opportunities for all investors worldwide. You can open a restaurant or a fast food in Chiang Mai if you apply for the food license, the manufacturing authorization, and the import permit. If the sanitary inspection has been passed, then a certificate will be issued, in order to start the activity and to open the restaurant. If you want to open a company in Thailand, you are advised to solicit help from our consultants in this matter.

Selling jewelry in Chiang Mai might be a successful business, due to the high demand in this field. The start-up costs for a jewelry business are suitable but take into consideration that an import license will be necessary.

With little capital, you can also start a web design company and create sites for different enterprises that need advertising and promotion. You can manage the entire activity from your home in Chiang Mai or from a rented office. In order to open such a company in Thailand, you will need to obtain a good internet contract and to meet the potential clients in Chiang Mai.

You are invited to contact our experts in company formation in Thailand if you need company registration services in Chiang Mai.