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Establish a Company in the FMCG Sector in Thailand

Establish a Company in the FMCG Sector in Thailand

The markets in Thailand still offer many opportunities for foreign investors in the fast consumer goods sector. This industry consists in the sale of supermarket goods, as well as cosmetics – merchandise which is intended to be sold in big quantities over short periods of time. If you want to be the owner of a FMCG company in this country you can discuss with one of our consultants in company registration in Thailand who can inform you on the particularities of the Thai market and legal framework.

What are the key factors for opening a FMCG company in Thailand?

Just like any other FMCG enterprise in the world, in order to be successful, your company will have to develop a relationship with the Thai consumers based on mutual trust and loyalty. If you decided to invest in Thailand in a FMCG company, you might need to conduct several analyzes in order to make sure that you offer to your public the products that they prefer.

One of the most important factors you need to keep in mind is that apart from a sustained flux of new merchandise, you will need to support as well innovation in all those areas which allow it. As such you might need to invest as well in the marketing sector, by bringing to light new packaging ideas and other means of communicating to the Thai consumers the price offers that you have. 

Our experts in company formation in Thailand are ready to show you the legal infrastructure that allows you to put in practice your business ideas in this country.

Open a FMCG company in Thailand step by step

If you are not yet familiar to the Thai Company Law it is advisable to discuss with our consultants about the legal requirements for the formation of a company in Thailand. First of all you will have to check whether you need to obtain a Thai business visa from the authorities and then you must find local associates for starting the company.

The opening of a bank account is another issue in which you can be assisted by one of our experts in company registration in Thailand. After you submit the initial capital you can choose as well the appropriate legal structure for a FMCG company

For the owner of a FMCG business in Thailand it is important to comply with the local regulations concerning employment. Feel free to contact our specialists in order to find out how Labour Law works in this country and the conditions you must respect in order to make your FMCG company functional on the Thai market.