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Obtain a Thai Work Permit

Obtain a Thai Work Permit

The Thai work permit is a legal document attesting a foreigner`s position, job description and current position at the Thai company he/she is working at. For legally working in Thailand any foreign individual must obtain a Thai work permit. This permit can also be used as a license for performing certain activities within Thailand.

Our experts in company formation in Thailand can give you extensive information about the work permit and the conditions for obtaining one.

The application for a Thai work permit

Irrespective of the type of visa you hold when entering Thailand, you are not granted the right to work unless you obtain a Thai work permit. There are several conditions to be met in order to be able to apply for a work permit in Thailand. These are the following:

•    Hold the correct type of visa – a non-immigrant visa is needed for applying for a work permit;
•    Submit an application with the Ministry of Labor – this usually lasts 7 working days to be processed;
•   Prepare the necessary documents for the Thai work permit application: the original passport, 2 inches photos, a valid medical certificate, a letter of employment, a certificate of degree or any relevant diploma attesting your qualifications, a valid address in Thailand and submit them at the Ministry of Labor office.

The Thai work permit, just like any kind of visa, can be extended in specific situations and can also be cancelled. The local government has issued a list of prohibited work categories for foreigners to engage in. Our specialists in company registration in Thailand can tell you more about these forbidden work categories and about the conditions for obtaining a Thai work permit.

Documents which must be submitted by the employer in Thailand

Besides the documents you must submit for acquiring a work permit in Thailand, you should know that your future employer must also present several documents. Every employer in Thailand has to submit the following documents with the employment authorities in order to obtain the work permit for their future foreign employee:

•    The company certificates and objectives;
•    The list of shareholders and partners;
•    The VAT application;
•    The financial statements from the last economic year;
•    The withholding taxes of the company;
•    A copy of the director`s passport and work permit;
•    A letter of employment stating the applicant`s position and salary;
•    The employment agreement.

The Thai work permit can be obtained in approximately 7 business days and the institution responsible for issuing it is the Ministry of Labor office. Don`t hesitate to contact our company registration professionals in Thailand if you need guidance in the process of applying for a work permit.