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Open a Bakery in Thailand

Open a Bakery in Thailand

Bakeries in Thailand offer a diversity of products, from bread to pastries, cakes, and other desserts. Artisan and small-scale bakeries, as well as in-house bake shops, are all options for investors.

The baked goods market in Thailand can be categorized according to the product category, with bread having the largest percentage, followed by pastry, cakes and doughnuts and biscuits.

Company registration in Thailand for a business that manufactures and/or sells bakery goods can be assisted by one of our company formation agents in the country.

Bakeries in Thailand

The list below includes some of the popular business formats in the bakery industry:

  • Retail bakeries: these can be franchises of international bakeries that sell a wide range of pastries and sweet products but also sandwiches; 
  • Café chains with bakery: options here include opening a café in Bangkok or another city that is combined with a bakery; franchises are also available for this format;
  • In-store bakeries: the bakery department of a convenience store, supermarket or hypermarket chain in the country.
  • Industrial bakeries: large-scale bakeries that distribute their products throughout the country and produce a wide range of bakery goods.

Bakeries in Thailand must comply with the regulations set forth by the Food and Drug Administration and the Ministry of Public Health. Moreover, bakery factories are also subject to the control of the Ministry of Industry, according to the Factory Act.

Investors who start a bakery will need to follow the steps for company formation in Thailand

Bakery owners can rely on the services offered by our team of Thai accountants. With the help of our experts, you will rest assured that your business remains fully compliant with the financial and accounting principles applicable in the country. We offer bookkeeping services, assistance for preparing annual financial statements, audit services, assistance for payroll processing, tax payments and others. 

Bakeries in Thailand owned by foreign investors

The Foreign Business Act in Thailand regulates the business sectors in which foreign entrepreneurs are allowed to have 100% ownership. A common manner in which foreign investors can benefit from the investment opportunities in the bakery sector is to enter into equity partnerships or joint ventures. This is an option for baking ingredient factories or for retail bakery franchises where a foreign business of the same nature enters into a joint venture with a Thai one. 

Owning a bakery is subject to a set of regulations and there are some situations in which owners will need to obtain a special foreign business license. One of our Thailand company formation agents is able to give you more information on the conditions in which foreign entrepreneurs can start their own bakery and, moreover, a bakery where the manufacturing process is also taking place.

You can contact us for complete information about company formation in Thailand and for information about the investment opportunities in the bakery sector or in other business fields.