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Open a Catering Business in Thailand

Open a Catering Business in Thailand

The opening of a catering business in Thailand implies several steps which every foreign investor must do according to the Company Law. Moreover since we are speaking of a food based business, a person who wishes to establish a catering business will need to be familiarized as well with the Thailand Food Act, prescribing standards in the quality of the ingredients as well as in the conditions of preparation and selling of food products. One of our consultants in Thai company formation can help you learn more about the legislation in this country which regulates the establishment and functioning of catering businesses

What are the legal conditions for opening a catering business in Thailand? 

An investor in Thailand, who intends to open a catering business, needs to respect the provisions concerning the conditions and methods for the production of the food. You will need to train as well your employees so that they respect the imposed norms on the conditions of preservation, the approved tools and utensils which can be employed in the processing of food. 

The main legal body which is responsible with quality control in Thailand is the Minister of Public Health. The types of activities implied in a catering business require the obtaining of a food license imposed by the state to Thai companies which wish to sell food products to the public. In order to apply for this license you need to provide the company registration documents of your business to the authority which deals with these issues – the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand (FDA). Our experts in company formation in Thailand can help you through the license obtaining procedure for your catering business.

How to register a catering business in Thailand

The process of starting a catering company in Thailand begins with a name reservation. Afterwards, the company owner needs to choose a legal structure for the company. The Thai state provides several legal forms such as the limited company, partnership and the joint venture. Our specialists in company registration in Thailand can explain you the particularities and requirements for each type of legal form and can help you decide which one of them is the most appropriate for your business objectives. 

The company registration process for a catering business in Thailand further requires the preparation of a documentation which is necessary for the application with the Department of Business Development. 

Once the company is set up, the owners can apply for trademark registration in Thailand.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our consultants in order to clarify any questions you might have concerning company registration in Thailand.