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Open a Company in Agriculture in Thailand

Open a Company in Agriculture in Thailand

If you want to open a company in Thailand in the agriculture sector you have taken an inspired decision, since this country has a long and successful tradition in this domain. The workforce available is experienced and the Thai market encourages foreign investment in the country. The establishment of a company can be easily done, especially if you rely on the services and counselling provided by our experts in company registration in Thailand

What are the main advantages of opening an agriculture company in Thailand?

One of the most important things to consider when you open a company in the agriculture sector is what Thailand has to offer in matter of arable land and resources. With almost a third of the country surface being suitable for farming, Thailand provides to foreign investors enough space to develop a business in agriculture.

Moreover, you could employ the workforce available in this country and profit from the experience that local population has in cultivating the land.  With agriculture being one of the most frequent occupations for almost half of the Thai people, you could invest in a rice farm or in other agricultural products such as coconuts, corn, rubber, soybeans, sugarcane, and tapioca which are popular on the foreign markets. One of our Thai company formation consultants can guide you with the choice of the location for your investment and with advice concerning the local legislation.

What steps to follow when you open a Thai company in the agriculture sector?  

When starting a business in agriculture it is important to elaborate an efficient business plan containing each step of your investment and clear objectives that you want to reach. As such, you need to have in mind what amount of money is required by each productive resource, such as, seed, pesticides, fertilizer, equipment, energy, etc.

Depending on the type of agriculture technique that you employ you might need to choose a different type of business structure in which to organize your business. Our specialists in company formation in Thailand are ready to discuss with you the particularities of each legal form and to suggest you the most suitable one for your business objectives. They can help you as well with other services, informing you on how credit can be obtained in Thailand and helping you open a corporate bank account.

Feel free to contact our experts in company registration in Thailand in order to simplify and speed up the process of setting up a company in Thailand in the agriculture sector.