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Open a Company in Kanchanaburi Special Economic Zone

Open a Company in Kanchanaburi Special Economic Zone

Kanchanaburi is located in Western Thailand, a picturesque province where numerous businesses have developed lately, considering the tourism of the region. The capital has the same name and it is considered an attractive city which is elected by numerous investors who want to settle their activities here, due to the special economic zone status. Our Thai company formation specialists are ready to offer you details and complete information about the free zones in Thailand and the benefits that come when opening a company in Thailand.

Choose Kanchanaburi special economic zone for your business

If you want to benefit from numerous advantages regarding the imposed taxes for your business, we recommend you open a company in Kanchanaburi, a special economic zone in Thailand. With a well-developed infrastructure (most of it created under Japanese supervision in the 19th century) which eases the trading with other states around, Kanchanaburi can be a proper option for entrepreneurs who want to start their activities in tourism, real estate, manufacturing or import and export. You can open a trading company in Kanchanaburi special economic zone, considering that the company registration procedure in Thailand can be realized in a few days if you solicit our help and guidance.

How to open a company in Kanchanaburi special economic zone

Being one of the most appreciated and searched free trade zones in Thailand, the Kanchanaburi province offers numerous business opportunities for local and foreign investors. If you want to open a company in Kanchanaburi, we invite you to prepare the following documents and to consider the important requirements in this matter, which are also necessary if you want to open a company in Thailand:

•    first of all, you must register a name for your company;
•    the next step is to prepare the articles of association;
•    don’t forget to name the board of executives for your company in Kanchanaburi;
•    it is mandatory to register your company for VAT and other social contributions;
•    you also need to open a bank account for the minimum share capital established for your company.

Our company formation experts in Thailand can provide you with assistance for the entire registration process if you have decided to set up a company in Kanchanaburi. We remind that you need to consider the sectors in which you can start your business, according to the Foreign Business Act in Thailand.

Please feel free to get in touch with our team of company formation agents in Thailand if you are interested in opening a company in Kanchanaburi special economic zone.