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Open an Amazon Store in Thailand

Open an Amazon Store in Thailand

The online commerce is becoming one of the most powerful tools for entrepreneurs in Thailand, where Amazon store has already a huge audience. The profits of the company have reached already this year almost 40 billion dollars and investors in the e-commerce are more and more motivated to sell through this online platform. The Thai government supports the set-up of new online companies in Thailand so investors from all over the world can think of opening in this country an Amazon storeOur specialists in company formation in Thailand can explain to you what is the legal procedure for registering a business in this country. 

Why open an Amazon store in Thailand?

The taxation system in Thailand provides advantageous conditions to entrepreneurs. Not only the expenses are deductible for depreciation, but also the tax treaties signed between Thailand and other countries, give the foreign investors the possibility to be taxed only for the income generated in Thailand. 

Among other reasons to open an Amazon store in Thailand is the fact that this country has a very modern business climate, with many providers high technology. You will not be limited by the infrastructure in the implementation of your business plan and the employment costs are also encouraging. Our specialists in company formation in Thailand can give you more details on the diverse governmental measures which encourage the start-ups in the online domain.

Other requirements for setting up an Amazon shop in Thailand

In order to function as a business entity in Thailand, in the online field, you need to resolve certain issues. One of the most important of them regards the receiving of payments. PayPal and the opening of a merchant account are two of the most popular actions you can take in order to make sure you can secure the payments received by your company. 

Our experts in company registration in Thailand can help you with information concerning the opening of banks accounts and their requirements in Thailand. Moreover they can help you apply for a name reservation and choose a legal form in order to register your business entity with the Department of Business Development. Feel free to contact our Thai consultants so that you can open an Amazon store in Thailand in advantageous conditions.