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Open Telecommunications Company in Thailand

Open Telecommunications Company in Thailand

The internet service providing, data hosting, telephony or satellite services are the main activities a telecommunication company in Thailand deal with. This is a significant industry that developed quite fast in the past decade and numerous entrepreneurs who want to open companies in Thailand are thinking, first of all, to contract a telecommunications enterprise. Specific rules related to the necessary licenses need to be verified and understood, which is why you should solicit help and guidance from our company formation agents in Thailand, who can also offer information about how to open a company in Thailand.

Telecom company formation in Thailand

Setting up a telecommunications company in Thailand will respect the process and aspects related to any company registration in Thailand and here we mention the most important stages and conditions:

•    choose a name for your telecommunications company in Thailand;
•    prepare a unique trademark and register it;
•    draft the articles of association;
•    the shareholder’s identification documents;
•    offer details about the office address;
•    open a bank account in Thailand, in order to provide the minimum share capital;
•    register for the VAT;
•    acquire the corporate seal;

Besides the requirements mentioned above, one should know that for opening a telecommunications company in Thailand, particular licenses need to be obtained and our specialists in company formation in Thailand can offer important guidance in this matter. They can also provide you with the necessary guidelines about how to start a company in Thailand.

Just like all other locally registered businesses, telecommunications companies need to follow the rules for submitting annual financial statements (that have been audited), along with the annual income tax return. Our accountants in Thailand can assist investors in meeting these mandatory requirements and also offer bookkeeping solutions, financial reports upon request, and other services.

Obtain licenses for your telecom company in Thailand

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission is in charge with the needed licenses for any type of telecom company in Thailand.  There are three types of licenses, each one depending on the kind of services you want to offer as a telecommunications company in Thailand.

Type I is necessary for all operators who do not have a private network but who provides telecom services that are subject to free competition between service suppliers in the country and here we mention the following:

•    internet services;
•    the resale public switched telecom services;
•    audio text services.

Type II is a license created for operators who offer telecom services for a limited group of people, without intervening in the fair competition on the market, and here we remind the following:

•    call-back services;
•    call re-start services. 

Type III license is mandatory for providers who offer telecom services to the public, such as:

•    integrated services digital networks;
•    mobile phone network;
•    mobile data services.

According to the rules and regulations stipulated under the Telecommunications Business Act in 2001, foreigners could only solicit the type I license, but things have changed in the last few years and overseas entrepreneurs can choose the type of telecom services they wish to offer on the Thailand market, under fair competitiveness. 

You can address to our company formation representatives in Thailand, if you have questions about how to open a telecommunications company in Thailand.