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Opening a Daycare Center for Children in Thailand

Opening a Daycare Center for Children in Thailand

Opening a daycare center for children in Thailand is an activity that requires an initial investment that will include equipment and adequate furniture, as well as special fittings, security features and toys for the children. The establishment will need to operate under a proper license and pass the requirements for premises safety.

Working with children is a challenging but also a rewarding task. Entrepreneurs who wish to provide daycare services in Thailand can work with selected groups of children, only of certain ages, or offer child care services for several age groups.

Our team of Thai company formation agents can help you meet the requirements for opening a daycare center for children.

Children daycare requirements in Thailand

All nurseries and daycare centers in Thailand must operate having a proper license. The application for the license will include both the scope of the activity and the layout of the premises in which the daycare or nursery will be located. The license application will be submitted to the proper authority, depending on the location of the establishment. For example, in Bangkok, this will differ according to the area in the city.

The daycare manager must comply with a set of conditions in order to be eligible to run such a center. These are:

  • proper training: adequate courses are needed to perform this type of work and the applicant must bring and proof of graduation;
  • moral conduct: the applicant must not be impaired morally or deficient in any manner and he/she must have no record of misconduct with children;
  • health: the person must be in good health, not addicted to narcotics and with no contagious disease;
  • criminal record: the applicant’s criminal record must be clean; the only offenses permitted are petty ones.

Child babysitters andnannies are required to go through a special training course. Daycare centers for children will hire employees in Thailand that have this training which includes courses as well as practical work. 

Company registration in Thailand

The requirements for working with children in Thailand are understandably strict ones and so are the ones for the location in which the child daycare center will operate. In order to open a company in Thailand for the purpose of creating such a center, investors will need to follow the usual steps, including choosing a type of company and a business name, drawing up the company’s documents and applying for registration with the Department of Business Development. Special requirements apply for foreign investments.

Contact us for more information on Thailand company formation and complete assistance in opening a business, including a daycare center for children.