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Set Up a Beauty Salon in Thailand

Set Up a Beauty Salon in Thailand

In order to set up a beauty salon in Thailand, investors will need to define a set of services they provide, such as hairdressing and/or nail salon. The types of services can be combined, however, the business plan will need to include the specific requirements, in terms of equipment and supplies, for each of the beauty services.

Starting a business in Thailand is a multi-step process and our team of Thailand company formation agents can help you during each of these steps. Our specialists can also provide adequate counseling and investment advice for foreign investors who wish to open a business in the spa and beauty industry.

Opening a Thai beauty salon

beauty salon in Thailand caters to the needs of clients in search of hair personalized haircuts, hair coloring, and treatments but also other services such as nails, skin care, eyelash care and extensions and others. The beauty salon will typically offer two or more combined services, however, some entrepreneurs in Thailand will prefer to focus on one service, such as setting up a beauty salon that specializes exclusively in hair services. 

The location of the beauty salon is very important when starting the business. It is advisable to perform a due diligence and visit spots throughout Bangkok or other cities in Thailand to determine what the most suitable location would be. The demographic characteristics of the area, the fact that it is or it is not a tourist hot spot and the competition will all be important factors. Lastly, the design of the salon has the potential to attract clientele.

When opening a beauty parlor in Thailand, foreign investors should consider the special requirements and conditions set out in the Foreign Business Act. American investors should be informed about the Treaty of Amity between Thailand and the United States. Our team of Thai company formation agents can give you more details. 

Beauty salons are required to keep the same financial documents as companies in other industries. This means that they will need to comply with the requirements for bookkeeping, as well as prepare the annual financial statements. Our team of accountants in Thailand offers complete solutions for preparing the financial documents, the payment of taxes, as well as audit services. 

Conditions for investing in Thailand

The steps for company registration in Thailand apply to those investors who wish to set up a beauty salon in the country. These are:

  • Choose a type of company: investors (including foreign ones) can open a limited company that will serve their purposes for opening a beauty salon;
  • Choose a company name: company names must be unique and investors should submit three different name proposals to the Department of Business Development.
  • Company documents: the Memorandum of Association, along with other relevant documents such as the founder’s information are prepared for registration.
  • Registration: the actual registration phase is performed with the Department of Business Development belonging to the Ministry of Commerce; additional registrations for VAT purposes will be needed for the beauty salon.

Special permits and licenses may be needed in order to certify that the beauty salon meets the hygiene requirements.

Contact us if you want to open a company in Thailand and need additional information about the registration steps and the special requirements and licenses.