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Set Up a Bookstore in Thailand

Set Up a Bookstore in Thailand

Thailand has many big cities with very international population. Foreign investors and tourists cross its borders every year. The bookstores which are opened in the large urban areas like Bangkok, must offer a wide variety of Thai books, but also publications in other languages. If you intend to open a bookstore in Thailand, you should consider the type of books you will intend to offer, whether you want to sell new books or to set up an antiquarian store. One of our experts in company registration in Thailand can help you gather the documents required for registration with the authorities and speed up the opening of your bookstore in this country.

How to start a bookstore in Thailand?

The books in a Thai bookstore cover many different topics and can range from fiction and poetry to subjects such as economy, religion or science. Moreover a bookstore can offer a meeting place for book lovers to come and discuss their favorite authors. Reading groups as well as other activities can take place in a bookstore in Thailand

If you intend to invest in Thailand and open a business in this country, you need to consider which age range you address by the products you offer. You could for example specialize your bookstore in books for children or in specific book genres, so that you can respond to the needs of the people from your neighborhood. 

One of our consultants in company formation in Thailand can inform you on the requirements concerning the registration of a business in this country and can give you more details on how special permits can be obtained in case you want to host a teahouse as well within your bookstore.

More aspects regarding the set-up of a bookstore in Thailand

Any bookstore in Thailand requires an advantageous location in order to reach its public. One of our consultants in company registration in Thailand can give you more details on how lease agreements must be concluded in this country, and can also advise you to employ a due diligence procedure for the property that you choose. 

Other details related to the opening of a company in Thailand, can be also sorted out by our team. Aspects concerning the initial share capital for your bookstore in Thailand as well as issues such as the opening of a bank account in this country can be solved much faster with the help of our consultants.

Contact us with confidence in order to speed up the set-up of your bookstore in Thailand, in compliance with the local legislation.