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Set up a Call Center in Thailand

Set up a Call Center in Thailand

Opening a call center in Thailand can be a great opportunity to make money. This is a business which develops daily and can be ready within a few days after obtaining the necessary licenses. Our specialists in company formation in Thailand are ready to offer details and guidance if you want to set up a call center in Thailand. The company registration procedure in Thailand involves the same requirements as for any type of company in the country. You can also receive complete information about how to start a company in Thailand.

The main services offered by a call center in Thailand

A foreign businessman who wants to set up a call center in Thailand needs to agree on the type of services he wants to offer when dealing with the BPO industry in the country. A call center in Thailand can offer customer support via telephone, chat, websites or e-mail, and can also provide helpdesk services or sales assistance. There are two major activities of a call center in Thailand and those are:

•    inbound – receiving calls and e-mails;
•    outbound –  making calls and responding to e-mails;

For such activities, specific licenses will need to be obtained, and besides that, most businesses of this type in Thailand operate with workers with proper English knowledge, from the local or foreign workforce. We remind that you can ask for comprehensive information about how to open a company in Thailand from our consultants.

How to set up a call center in Thailand

Our company formation agents in Thailand can offer suitable assistance when preparing the necessary documents to start the activities as a call center. First of all, the entrepreneur needs to reserve a name for the company and to prepare the Article of Association which will need to contain details about the share capital, the shareholders and the purposes of the business. The next step is to register the call center in Thailand with the tax authorities in the country and to receive the Thai VAT certificate.

The Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT) is in charge of issuing the licenses for any call center in the country that needs fixed-line telephone system. You have the possibility to use the mobile network which is a little bit expensive compared to the fixed-line telephony. Besides this important license you need to obtain, it is recommended to contract an internet company which can provide quality services and IT support for a proper function of the call center in Thailand.  Regarding the employees for your company, it is good to know that the corporation needs to help and guide the foreign citizens to apply for a work permit, which is a necessary document to legally work in the country, no matter the chosen sector. The company registration in Thailand is an easy process which can be undertaken by our representatives. 

Our accountants in Thailand offer complete solutions for call centers. We provide assistance for preparing and submitting the annual financial statements (which need to be audited and accompanied by the annual income tax return), and assist businesses with bookkeeping, tax filing and payment, social security contribution compliance, and much more. You can reach out to us for details.

You can contact our company registration agents in Thailand for extra information about how to set up a call center in Thailand.