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Set Up a Company for Selling Flowers in Thailand

Set Up a Company for Selling Flowers in Thailand

Investors who set up a company for selling flowers in Thailand provide various services from flower and gift delivery to creating special arrangements for events. The business can be a fulfilling one, especially for those entrepreneurs who start a flower shop as a small family business and are passionate about flowers and delivering beautiful bouquets for their clients.

Company registration in Thailand is a process that can run smoothly, although investors may need aid in gathering the right documents for registration. Our team specializes in complete company formation services for small, medium and large businesses and can help you start your desired business. 

Florists in Thailand

company that sells flowers in Thailand can do so via an online portal, from a physical location or both. The preferred method will depend on the type of business the entrepreneur wishes to start but may very well depend on the available start-up budget and whether or not it will be enough to cover the costs associated with renting and maintaining a physical shop in Bangkok or another city.

Some examples of typical services offered by florists in Thailand include:

  • Bouquets: standard bouquets and flower arrangements that can be bought or shipped during the same day;
  • Special events: these include more sophisticated bouquets that can be delivered for special occasions and can also include bridal bouquets.
  • Gifts: florists will sometimes offer a mix of flowers and other gifts, for romantic or anniversary purposes.
  • Arrangements: special flower arrangements for events such as weddings, bridal showers or baby christenings. 

Special considerations when opening a flower shop in Thailand

Business owners or florists who are interested in importing different plants or seeds in the country in order to grow them and then sell in a shop will need to comply with the ongoing import regulations. These types of goods are often special ones and supporting documents need to be provided upon entry in the country.

Another issue to consider, that concerns foreign investors, is the ownership in a Thai company. The Foreign Business Act regulates the manner in which foreign investors may own a Thai company and it is very likely that a foreign investor will need to have a Thai partner in order to be able to open a company in Thailand. 

Flower businesses can benefit from working with our accountants in Thailand if they wish to remain fully compliant with the annual reporting requirements. We oversee the accountant payable and accounts receivable, handle bookkeeping according to the local requirements, and assist our clients in making the needed tax filing and payments. You can reach out to us for more information about our services. 

Our team of agents who specialize in company formation in Thailand can give you detailed information about the conditions for investment and the special requirements that apply in selected business fields.

Contact us for complete assistance for company registration in Thailand.