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Start a Courier Business in Thailand

Start a Courier Business in Thailand

One of the most popular ideas for people who intend to open a small scale business in Thailand is to set-up a courier business. The various types of services that a courier business can provide make place for many operators in this country. If you decide to invest in Thailand in a courier business you have many chances to grow fast thanks to the contracts and partnerships that you can establish in the firsts year of activity. Our specialists in company formation in Thailand can bring your business plan closer to reality by helping you contact the local authorities and submit your application for registration.   

Courier and delivery services in Thailand 

Regardless whether you set-up a courier company from scratch or you extend your business in this country, you should at first think carefully where you want to place your company and who are the clients that you target. 

Moreover you should check as well the Thai Commercial Law in order to find out what legal forms are available to investors in a courier business. For an enterprise relying mainly on cars, you can choose a small scale company structure, whose formation costs are significantly lower. Our experts in company formation in Thailand can give you all details on each legal form, so that you can make an informed choice of the structure of your courier business

Who can start a courier company in Thailand

The courier business in Thailand is a very fortunate option for people who can’t make a big investment from the beginning. The costs for establishing a courier business depend mostly on the types of vehicles you intend to use in your commercial activity, but they don’t generally go over a certain limit. In the crowded streets of the big Thai cities, it could be both cheap and efficient to employ bike couriers in order to deliver the packages. 

Anyone having a business license for Thailand is allowed to open a courier business in this country. As such, you should first check the conditions for application for a business license, so that you can further start the registration of you company. Our specialists in company formation in Thailand can assist you with more information and can help you make the name reservation and register with the Department of Business Development. Feel free to contact us for any questions regarding the set-up of a courier business in Thailand in the shortest time.