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Set up a Recruitment Company in Thailand

Set up a Recruitment Company in Thailand

Recruitment companies in Thailand are set up to enable a business to hire personnel. Recruitment companies can also assist Thai businesses to employ personnel from abroad. The recruitment industry in Thailand is quite a developed one, with many Thai professionals looking for places to work and expats interested in acquiring a job in the land of smiles. However, there is a set of rules which need to be followed in order to open a recruitment company and our specialists in company registration in Thailand can help you comply with these rules.

License for recruitment companies in Thailand

When setting up a company in Thailand as a recruitment agency, a license has to be issued by the Thai Labor Department which permits this type of services. In order to be issued such a license, the business has to meet the following conditions:

•    The director of the company needs to be local. In case there are several directors, the board of directors has to name a Thai director who is authorized to sign for the recruitment business. Our company registration professionals in Thailand can offer more information on this matter;
•    The company must have minimum 51% local shareholder, either private persons or juridical entities;
•    The office of the company must have at least 16 square meters, be visibly separated from other businesses and display the company name in front of the office;
•    A guarantee of THB 100,000 ( approximately USD 2,850) has to be paid;
•    The director has to present a copy of his or her criminal record.

Registration for private recruitment companies in Thailand

Thailand is a signatory member of certain conventions within the International Labor Organization (ILO) which generally sets out the registration and licenses needed for private recruitment companies of its members. Even though there can be differences among countries, generally these include the main conditions stated below:

•    registration as a company;
•    registration with government tax and regulatory bodies;
•    agreement to abide by the applicable labor and equal opportunity legislation;
•    regular reporting to government entities on the activities of the recruitment company;
•    agreement not to impose fees from individuals looking for jobs (except if specifically stated by the law);
•    agreement to keep the confidentiality of the personal information for individuals looking for jobs and clients when setting up a recruitment company in Thailand.

Private recruitment businesses in Thailand who are recruiting local migrant employees are regulated by the Recruitment and Job-Seekers Protection Act. The Act does not regulate however the licensing and registration of private recruitment companies which deliver inbound recruitment services.

If you made the decision to open a recruitment company in Thailand, we can help. Please contact our Thai company formation advisors for further guidance and details. Our team can assist you in case you want to open a bank account in Thailand.