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Establish a Hotel in Thailand

Establish a Hotel in Thailand

With a tourism sector responsible for almost 20% of the GDP, Thailand is one of the most secure places to start a hotel. The fast developing urban centers in the country attract annually a significant number of foreign investors who need accommodation on short or long term. Furthermore, Thailand’s beautiful islands attract many tourists, being the eleventh most-visited country in the world, with a record of 32.59 million foreign tourists in 2016.

One of our specialists in company formation in Thailand can assist you with the procedure of business registration and can keep you informed on the legal requirements for the functioning of a hotel in Thailand.    

Legal requirements for the opening of a hotel in Thailand

If you intend to open a company in Thailand in the accommodation sector you will need to respect certain provisions imposed through the legal framework of this country. In order to provide safety conditions for the hotel visitors, the Thai law requires business owners to apply for several licenses in order to be allowed to run a hotel in ThailandA hotel license is required for any accommodation enterprise which has more than 4 rooms offered for booking. 

If you are a foreign investor in Thailand it might be a bit more complicated for you to open a hotel unless you are member in a Board of Investment (Bol). You can address your questions and discuss in more details with one of our specialists in company formation in Thailand who can explain you what business structures exist in Thailand and how you can organize your hotel

Key requirements when establishing a hotel in Thailand

Other important aspects that hotel owners need to check are the building permits that you might need to apply for unless you intend to use an already existing building by buying a Thai property. The body receiving the applications for a building license is the Building Control Division of the Department of Public Works and Town Planning. 

The most desired spots for opening hotels are usually places situated in beautiful surroundings, where landscape and the environment need to be protected against excessive pollution. Therefore, in order to register a hotel in this country, the Thai government requires from business owners to conduct an environmental impact assessment (“EIA”) or an initial environmental examination (“IEE”) in order to make sure that the accommodation business will function in an environmental friendly manner. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our company registration firm in Thailand in order to find out more on the business registration procedure in Thailand and on the legal requirements for establishing a hotel business in this country.