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Open an Electronics Company in Thailand

Open an Electronics Company in Thailand

The registration process of an electronics company in Thailand implies the same steps and conditions as for any other enterprise in the country, but the ones need to consider they will need specific licenses. Our experts in company formation in Thailand can provide you with information and details about how to open an electronics company in Thailand. You can also receive suitable information about how to open a company in Thailand and the rules you need to consider in this matter.

Conditions to open an electronics company in Thailand

If a foreign businessman wants to open an electronics company in Thailand, he should consider the following documents and conditions and ask for help and guidance from our company formation specialists in Thailand:

•    open a bank account;
•    reserve a name for the company;
•    register the company for VAT with the local authorities;
•    prepare the company’s articles of association; 
•    the registration process of the electronics company is completed by the Trade Register in Thailand;

The import license for electronics in Thailand

The import and export businesses in Thailand are stipulated by the Foreign Business Act and there are no restrictions for investors who want to open an electronics company in the country.
The Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of commerce in Thailand is in charge of issuing licenses for all sorts of goods, including electronics and home appliances. In order to receive such license it is recommended to prepare the following documents:

•    copies of the VAT;
•    a copy of the seal registration;
•    details about the bank account of the company;
•    the completed application form provided by the Customs Department in Thailand;
•    the power of attorney;
•    the copy of the affidavit;

The company formation agents in Thailand can offer assistance when preparing the documents for an electronics license in the country. You can also receive guidelines about the company registration in Thailand and about the aspects you need to consider when opening a company.

Details about the import and export of goods in Thailand

An electronics company in Thailand is a prosperous business, due to the high demand on the market. Businessmen who wish to open a company in Thailand should analyze the list of approved goods for import or export in the country and the necessary licenses, in order to start the activities. The rules and regulations about the export of appliances or electronics in Thailand are well implemented and quite permissive. You should consider the taxes you need to pay when dealing with such activities.

You are invited to contact our team of company formation representatives in Thailand,  if you want additional information or assistance when opening and electronics company in Thailand.