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Start a Taxi Company in Thailand

Start a Taxi Company in Thailand

There are various taxi companies in Thailand which operate in the urban areas and in the touristic places of this country. Depending on the facilities and on the distance, the fares for a taxi journey can vary in great deal. People who want to open a Thai taxi company will most likely have clients from Thailand as well as international people who visit Thailand for business or vacation. If you intend to open a business in Thailand you can rely on the expertise of our company formation specialists who can help you register your enterprise with the Tai authorities. 

Taxi companies in Thailand

Taxis in Thailand must comply with the Transport law in this country. Company owners who operate transportation of people need to make sure they respect the legal provisions when hiring their personnel. Insurances for the vehicles need to be purchased, and the driving licenses as well as the age, experience and legal records of the drivers. 

Our specialists in company formation in Thailand are up to date with the requirements concerning the obtaining of licenses for Taxi companies, so you can work with them for the preparation of your application. A taxi company must be in the evidence of the Department of Business Development, and you will have to perform the commercial registration before being allowed to operate people transportation in Thailand.  

More aspects regarding the set-up of a Taxi company in Thailand

The owner of a Taxi company which intends to function in Thailand should at first choose an appropriate name for the business, one which could be suggestive to both the local population and to clients from other countries. The legal framework of Thailand offers protection of trademarks, so you can discuss with one of our consultants concerning the registration of a trademark for your company.

If you are a foreign investor in Thailand, you might need support with the obtaining of a business permit in order to be allowed to open your Taxi company. Feel free to contact our experts in company registration in Thailand in order to ask more questions concerning the business permits and licenses in this country.