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Start a Yacht Charter Business in Thailand

Start a Yacht Charter Business in Thailand

Thailand is a country which attracts many visitors annually thus providing rich opportunities in the tourism industry.  Its spectacular landscapes and protected regions with waterways are the perfect framework in which yacht businesses to thrive. Investors who intend to open a company in Thailand in the yacht chartering sector can rely on our consultants for the registration procedure comprising the elaboration of the specific documentation required by the authorities. 

Steps for opening a yacht charter business in Thailand

The procedure for opening a yacht charter business in Thailand follows the steps of company formation in this country. An investor who intends to set up a yacht charter business in Thailand will have to address the Business Development Office (BDO), which receives applications for the registration of new legal entities in this country. The documents required for the application include the articles of association for the company, the proof of a name reservation for the company as well as declarations on the business objectives and mission on the Thai market. 

Our specialists in company registration in Thailand can help you with the application procedure as well as explaining you the particularities of each legal structure in this country, in order to be able to choose the most appropriate form for your commercial entity. A yacht charter business can be organized either as a limited liability company with foreign ownership of 49%, or as a partnership if you intend to cooperate with other natural or legal persons. A joint venture is another option for registering your yacht charter business in Thailand and our consultants can help you understand its particularities and advantages. 

Why open a yacht charter business in Thailand

The yacht businesses in Thailand have registered lately a sharp growth, in response to the increasing demand in yacht charter services. There is a lot of free room for new companies to enter the market in Thailand with a yacht charter business, which can prove to be a very profitable enterprise in the tourism sector. 

The Thai legal framework for foreign investors, as well as the governmental incentives aiming at supporting start-ups in this country, are only a few grounds for which, people who intend to open a yacht charter company in Thailand could be encouraged to do so. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our specialists in company formation in Thailand for more details on business registration for you yacht charter enterprise in this country.